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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

So, after 4 days of waiting, America has a new President elect! While Black Women DO Heal is not in any way a political forum, we would be remiss if we did not share the impact this season has had on Black Women. Here is my personal take:

Last night, after helping a friend organize a few things in her new apartment, my stomach decided we would make a detour to a locally owned pizza place. As pizza is my favorite vegetable, you may imagine my delight.

I was not until after I left, that I realized I'd forgotten to grab a pop. Eating this pizza so late, I knew I needed back up only a Coke could give. I headed to the 24 hour gas station around the street from my house, and waiting outside for the attendant to help me. (Yes, outside. if you live in certain areas, 24 hour stores use a window and bin to serve you after 10 or 12 at night.)

I am by nature, a night owl. I get work done then, my head is clear, and due to my more nocturnal instincts, usually am not easily spooked. (Years of working nights off and on has helped this too.) However, two cars, that seemed to be together, one, with a white guy, long hair and opened shirt, a female companion, and then another more frumpy white guy from the other vehicle, got out and came behind me to the window. I live in the South, were most of us naturally can strike a conversation with a road sign. I turned and spoke, giving a nod with my head-nothing was said or even acknowledged in return.

With the unfriendly ignoring, and their eyes looking back and forth at each other, I found myself nervous. What if they were upset about the election? What if they were planning to hurt me? I grew more and more nervous the longer the attendant took. 5 minutes seemed to take 5 hours. Finally, the attendant passed me my pops, and I scurried to my vehicle, driving away, trying not to look affected.

As I ate my pizza at home later that night, I started to think how many times I was affected by the fear of potential racially charged violence. My mind went back to a couple of police stops over the past year due to my tail light. I was a nervous wreck. There was a time when I may have only feared getting a citation; now, I fear not making it home at all.

I am not sure how many of my Sistahs have felt this tension. It is strange for me, as I am such a people person, and enjoy meeting strangers. With the tides of change flowing with our new President-Elect, I feel that we as a Country have a change to make America feel safe-for black and brown people. I am looking forward to that America....through the night to the dawn.

Peace and Blessings,


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